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Screenshosts of jp.surflegend.namidensetsu.activity
  • Wave legend Catch the wave Surfing wave information
  • Wave legend Catch the wave Surfing wave information
  • Wave legend Catch the wave Surfing wave information
  • Wave legend Catch the wave Surfing wave information
  • Wave legend Catch the wave Surfing wave information
  • Wave legend Catch the wave Surfing wave information
  • Wave legend Catch the wave Surfing wave information
  • Wave legend Catch the wave Surfing wave information
  • Wave legend Catch the wave Surfing wave information
  • Wave legend Catch the wave Surfing wave information
  • Wave legend Catch the wave Surfing wave information
  • Wave legend Catch the wave Surfing wave information
Description of 波伝説 ”Catch the wave” サーフィン波情報

While receiving feedback from users, we will continue to update the version of the application from now on. Please use the automatic update function and use the latest version of the wave legend.

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Every serious person also improves or who wants to have fun. Wave Legend Application is a wave information application for surfers across Japan. Make your surfing life even more fun!

■ Outline of main functions We provide wave information from wave video information, video wave information with commentary and live video image as well as text wave information. Weather information required for surfing such as wave information, surf condition in the future, weather up to a week ahead, wind direction wind speed, wave height, wave cycle, tide, typhoon, weather chart etc, We offer it from 2 axes.

In the "Wave Legend" application, we recorded forecasts of the original "wind and wave" research and development with the Kyoto University disaster prevention research institute together with the prediction data of the Japan Meteorological Agency. By implementing this function, we can compare the trends of the two forecasts, so it becomes easier to judge time to surf and time to move points. Furthermore, we made each icon design new, made animation image of weather information and its reproduction content easy to see and use. We also prepared a 10-day free trial course, so please try it.

Features and points of the wave legend ■ Functions that can be used for free · Surfing area guide throughout Japan · Latest news on surfing in Japan and abroad · Tide tables and trend chart and age calendar · Weather forecast for the announcement by the Meteorological Agency · Weather information such as typhoon information · Rainfall and Weather information such as lightning forecast, AMeDAS (provided in graphic form, table form)

■ Functions that can be used for a fee · Reliable visual wave information by surf reporters (Updated up to 9 times a day)
· Movie wave information with live sound by our Surf reporter (Radio Repo Movie)
· Weather overview specialized for surfing in each area and forecast for one week · Real time motion wave information from live video (super live)
· Double forecast with wind and wave's own weather forecast and JMA agency forecast · My page function to register frequently used points and weather analysis tools · When wind and wave sizes become constant values ​​for each frequently used point Push function to inform you · Weather analysis tool that shows Japanese offshore weekly weather forecast (every 3 hours · up to 168 hours ahead)

■ About Paid Subscription · Pay Subscription Price and Period: Basic Course Monthly 480 yen (tax included)
· Pay subscription price and duration: Basic course + super live with monthly charge 960 yen (tax included)
※ Prices may change.
※ Subscription period starts automatically from the application date, it will be automatically renewed in one month.

* Wave Legend provides forecasts focusing on surf points nationwide, using the high resolution weather and wave prediction system wave hunter realized through joint research with Kyoto University Disaster Prevention Research Institute.

· Please confirm from here about the independent weather information "Wave Hunter".

Provider: Surf Legend Co., Ltd. (Weather forecasting business license No. 70)

Version history 波伝説 ”Catch the wave” サーフィン波情報
New in jp.surflegend.namidensetsu.activity 2.2.20
・ Login to improve usability ・ Restore (restore processing) button for subscription users is installed on the new registration screen
・ Change the display format of video thumbnails in the point details of
wave information ・ Video in the point list by area of ​​wave information Adjusted the specifications of the icon indicating the provision of.
・ In addition,
New in jp.surflegend.namidensetsu.activity 2.2.19
Compatible with Android 10-
Adjusted the age display of the tide table of points
-Minor correction
New in jp.surflegend.namidensetsu.activity 2.2.18
-Super Live! Adjusted the specifications related to (extended the trial viewing time to 30 seconds)
New in jp.surflegend.namidensetsu.activity 2.2.17
・ Response to crash by Google Maps SDK
New in jp.surflegend.namidensetsu.activity 2.2.15
problem that the special warning is not displayed on the point detail screen -Fixed
the problem of crashing on a specific terminal-
Correspondence to specification changes due to the abolition of fixed-point cameras- Repair due to
mBaaS service integration
-In addition, we have released a version upgrade app that adds a purchase function for minor fixes
New in jp.surflegend.namidensetsu.activity 2.2.14
problem that the update of wave information was delayed-
New in jp.surflegend.namidensetsu.activity 2.2.13
problem that push notifications did not arrive
New in jp.surflegend.namidensetsu.activity 2.2.10
minor problem
New in jp.surflegend.namidensetsu.activity 2.2.9
・ Maintenance of push notification function ・ Fixed a problem that logs out from new member registration from trial member
New in jp.surflegend.namidensetsu.activity 2.2.7
It corresponds to Android 8
New in jp.surflegend.namidensetsu.activity 2.2.6
Change ad position
New in jp.surflegend.namidensetsu.activity 2.2.5
Icon adjustment of special alarm
Improvement around membership registration
New in jp.surflegend.namidensetsu.activity 2.2.4
Fixed an issue where the map was not displayed correctly Fixed an issue where the application terminated abnormally when opening the western Sea of ​​Japan Sea Fix wording at tsunami forecast issuance Fix wording of special warning Two types of wind / wave forecast tabs changed to initial display Fix other minor problems
New in jp.surflegend.namidensetsu.activity 2.2.3
Major Specification Changes and Bug Responses · Changed the specification to display the screen which was last displayed in the My wave information or wave information area at the time of application start. · Implementation of the footer menu makes it easy to access the information you want to see. · You can now know the information that the displayed wave information acquired a few minutes ago. · On the wave information area screen, you can visually see that data update is in progress. · Other minor modifications and bugs
New in jp.surflegend.namidensetsu.activity 2.2.2
· Information on typhoon occurrence is displayed · Super Live! Fixed a bug that could not be seen · Fixed other minor defects
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